Moving With Kids

Ways to Relieve the Stress of Moving

Moving is stressful under any circumstances. But, moving with children who do not want to leave their friends or schools or sports opportunities, can be nearly unbearable. You have the guilt and the nagging feeling that you could be doing psychological damage and that they may really never forgive you. However, there are ways to make things go a little smoother. There are ways to help them see that change is not always bad.

 Get them in on the Decision Right away

The sooner you bring them into decision the better off they will be. You need to present all the reasons for the move and how it will help your family. Explain about the new job or the fact that the bank is taking back your home, if they are old enough for that discussion. After hearing the reasons, they will most often pull together as a family and help. Make sure that it is a two way conversation, listen and work with them with their concerns. By getting them in on the move right away, you give them more time to adjust.

 Be Prepared for the Conversation

Make sure that you have researched the area of your new home, so you can answer their questions. You will need to research their schools, sports opportunities that your children are involved with.If your family has special activities that you do together, try and find places in the new area for your family to have fun. Find all the local amenities that your new area has. It can also be a good way to get the older kids involved, to have them involved in some of the research that would interest them.

 Listen to your Children

As you go through the moving process, you children will have more questions. Take the time to sit down with them and commiserate with them, as well as answer questions. When you let your child know that you also have some apprehension, but that you can get through it as a family, you can help reassure your child. My nephew was 2 when his family moved to Texas and he was inconsolable. It took several days of tears before his dad got to the bottom of these feelings. The poor little guy thought he would have to leave all his favorite toys for the people who would move into their old house, once he understood that his toys would travel with him, he was perfectly fine.

 Involve them in Finding Your new Home

Let your children have input about what they want in a new home. Good schools, parks, close to shopping or entertainment, a house with a big yard and game room or entertainment room might be some of the things they may suggest. The more involved they are, the more excited they may be.

 Make sure They get a chance to say their Goodbyes

Just like you will want to say goodbye to close friends, so will your children. You can organize a barbeque at the park for all their friends to come to say goodbye or let them say goodbye in a more personal way, but make sure that they get the chance to say goodbyes and come up with ways to stay in touch.

 Moving in

Moving in is just as stressful, but, after you are settled with the basics, take some time out for some family fun. Do a little exploring. make up games for the unpacking process with prizes for the winner or for the whole family. Now sit back and relax for a day, before you have to start your busy life over in your new home.

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